An attendee from Yale’s first book signing stated, “It was a pleasure to meet you.  Funny, but I read most of your book on the flight(s) home. You write well, and it really does give me inspiration…”

Frederick P. Neimann an Elder Law Attorney writes: “Yale’s book is an awesome place to start with long term care planning. He writes the best blogs based on real life, so you can buy his book and read them in one place and understand what he is talking about.”

Talking to my parents about such a difficult subject is something I’ve always wanted to avoid. But after reading “Be Nice to Me”, I realized how dangerous that is.
Gary Borker, D.D.S.

Yale’s stories illustrate so clearly the need to plan for long term care and how costly it can be to ignore it. I gave a copy to my mom.
Jill Ritter, M.D.